Adobe LiveCycle Services

  • Paperless Workflows for the Enterprise

    jCentricity has been building paperless workflow systems for businesses with Adobe LiveCycle ES for over five years. LiveCycle ES is a robust server solution that incorporates data capture, rights management, document output, process management and content management systems under one platform. Because of its vast feature set, deploying LiveCycle ES can be a daunting process for even the most experienced system integrators. jCentricity literally wrote the book on LiveCycle ES for real-world business applications. Find out more about how we can help your business get started with developing your own paperless solution.

    LiveCycle Solution Consulting

    With so many different solution components and development tools, it is difficult to know where to start with LiveCycle ES. Our Adobe-certified LiveCycle consultants can help you better understand the complexities of this system and make informed business decisions about which components to purchase. As our client, our consultants can provide you with the following services:

    Requirements Analysis - we review your business processes, audit your forms and interview your key project stakeholders. From our analysis we determine which LiveCycle components will offer your project the best return on investment

    Prototyping - we prototype, develop, and test your Adobe LiveCycle ES application before purchasing and installing LiveCycle ES. This proof-of-concept can be used to gather further buy-in within your organization.

    Adobe LiveCycle Collaboration Services

    Remove technology barriers from traditional web conferencing, and you get Adobe LiveCycle Collaboration Services a cutting edge communication and collaboration solution with no software downloads for participants. All that's required is the Adobe Flash Player, already installed on 97% of browsers worldwide. Instant availability and highly-customizable meeting, training, and presentation tools provide your organization with real-world functionality that anyone can use—wherever they are.

    Adobe LiveCycle ES

    We specialize in the full suite of Adobe LiveCycle ES products including the Adobe Reader Extensions Server, Adobe Form Server and the Adobe Policy Server.

    With Adobe Reader Extensions, you can activate usage rights in any PDF form so that users of the free Adobe Reader can now:

    • Allow files to be saved locally (with form data)
    • Add digital signatures
    • E-mail filled forms
    • Export and import form data
    • Take advantage of file attachments
    • Add comments and field data
    • Submit entire forms to a server

    The Adobe Form Server will allow you to pre-fill a PDF form with data from any enterprise datasource.

    The Adobe Policy Server brings document control to the enterprise. Adobe's LiveCycle Policy Server fills an important need for persistent protection of enterprise information.

    LiveCycle Development

    Our Technical Architects and LiveCycle Developers can help your business design and build a custom LiveCycle application by offering you these services:

    System Architecture - we produce detailed technical and functional specifications for your application. This documentation will explain how LiveCycle integrates with your existing systems and business processes.

    LiveCycle Process Development - we utilize LiveCycle Workbench ES to manage and optimize complex businesses workflows by modeling process diagrams and configuring process steps that will connect your process participants to your back-end systems.

    Web Service and Custom Component Development - we develop web services and custom components using LiveCycle APIs that will integrate with your existing IT infrastructure.

    Interface Design and Development - we incorporate advanced JavaScript functionality to make your forms easier to complete with fewer possible errors. Our interface developers also design and develop intuitive, professional looking web applications using the latest Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies including Flex and AJAX that will enable robust interactivity with your forms.

    LiveCycle ES Installations

    jCentricity has completed successful installations of LiveCycle ES on all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, AIX) and with various databases (My SQL, SQL Server, Oracle 11g). We have experience and expertise in single server and clustered environments. Our Senior Technical Architects can configure LiveCycle ES and integrate it with your existing systems including LDAP servers, e-mail servers, content management systems and network configurations.