Professional Services

  • jCentricity holds years of practical experience in providing Professional Services to the Technology, Outsourcing, and Consulting areas. Our high-value solutions are:

    • aligned with strategic industry trends
    • technology-enabled to lower cost and risk
    • flexible to meet your specialized needs

    Our services span the entire application life cycle

    • Development: Reduce costs by more than 50%
    • QA: Repeatability for shorter time to market
    • Production: Control costs and monitor the end-user experience

    We offer focused solutions tailored to meet your specific business needs, from individual projects to full outsourcing. The jCentricity Professional Services team has the experience and skill to help you get the maximum ROI from IT projects. We deliver business value fast, so you consistently achieve high customer satisfaction.

    As one of the leading IT services firms, we provide a successful combination of resources:

    • automated and iterative processes that reduce cost and risk
    • innovative technology to deliver quality results
    • highly skilled IT professionals with decades of experience

    Solution areas:

    Application Delivery Management Office

    Consistent delivery of high-performance applications, on time, within budget and with a quality unmatched in the marketplace

    Delivering a sound application that meets your requirements calls for timely management of all development processes, from design and development to quality assurance and testing. Our Applica�tion Delivery Management (ADM) solution helps ensure your IT projects address and remain focused on business requirements.

    Our Application Delivery Management projects fall within four key areas:

    Business Requirements Management

    Our Business Requirements Management framework emphasizes the importance of properly executing critical requirements processes (requirements gathering, analysis, documentation, change con�trol, and validation) and active participation by key stakeholders throughout the project life cycle.

    This framework also integrates best-in-class tools to effectively capture and manage business requirements. Our approach to Business Requirements Management improves collaboration be�tween business and IT groups, and results in substantial qualitative and quantitative benefits to an organization�s operations.

    Enterprise Legacy Modernization

    Our Enterprise Legacy Modernization solution is squarely targeted at solving today�s critical mainframe issues of cost, agility, complexity, and skills shortage. Through ELM, jCentricity can reduce mainframe ap�plication costs by 25 to 50 percent while providing a solid platform to discover, rationalize, sustain, optimize, extend, and transform your mainframe application portfolio. We identify:

    • Significant reduction of legacy application costs from day one
    • Thorough understanding of the existing legacy application portfolio
    • A rationalized legacy application portfolio and modernization plan
    • Increased value, longevity and performance of existing legacy platforms
    • Modernization and extension of legacy systems to support IT goals
    • Delivery of critical skills and an experienced and reliable mainframe labor force

    Quality Assurance and Testing

    We involve QA early in planning and requirements definition. Our risk-based testing methodology helps ensure testing efforts address your most criti�cal business requirements. Our approach to software quality is fo-cused on testing early and often, visibility into test processes and results, automation, and test asset reuse. Some of the software quality services provided by jCentricity include:

    • Independent Verification and Validation
    • Test Center Management
    • Test Automation
    • Compliance and Audit Services
    • Application Performance Management

    Our ability to deliver real-time, comprehensive reporting of key quality and performance metrics enables you to:

    • Consistently Provide Quality Systems
    • Increase Test Efficiency
    • Predict Quality and Manage the Cost of Quality

    Application Outsourcing Office

    jCentricity standards-based processes provide cost savings and access to critical skill sets, allowing your internal resources to work on core business initiatives

    If you seek to outsource your application development processes, you need a cost-effective, low-risk delivery alternative that can also deliver a high level of expertise. jCentricity assists with planning, prioritizing, and implementing technology solutions via a partnership with your IT organization.

    Whether the scope is for a single application, a family of applications, or the full application portfolio, our Application outsourcing Office provides you:

    • Optimal cost and accelerated service delivery through global delivery models
    • Consistent business and IT value using our application outsourcing experience and processes aligned with the ITIL framework
    • A roadmap for gathering your needs, tailoring a solution, and defining measures for continuous improvement.

    To meet your unique requirements, jCentricity provides two main types of outsourcing services:

    Application Life-cycle Management

    We assume responsibility for all or select groups of applications, including business require�ments definition, design, development, testing, production rollout, and support.

    Production Support and Maintenance

    We keep production applications available, maintained, and enhanced to support your business changes.

    IT Portfolio Management Office

    Our Project Management Department provides expert advice, skilled management processes, well-defined milestones, and full project controls, using flexible methodologies for software and technology selection.