Product Engineering Services

  • The purpose of software Product Engineering is to consistently and innovatively perform a well-defined engineering process that integrates all software engineering activities to effectively and efficiently develop correct, consistent software products. Software Engineering tasks include analyzing the system requirements allocated to software, developing software architecture, designing the software, implementing the software in the code, integrating software components, and testing the software to verify whether it specifies specific requirements. jCentricity Product Engineering Services help product organizations design, build, test, and maintain high quality and reliable products, components and modules that significantly lower development costs, shorten timelines, and decrease risk. We also offer assistance during the concept development phase (more specifically during product definition, and functional requirements and architecture phases). jCentricity has devised a great set of strategies with experience and being one of the fastest growing software development outsourcing providing companies. jCentricity is a high-end product development partner that effectively manages time and resources. You can easily focus on sales, marketing, and business development because we guarantee a successful product release.

    jCentricity Product Engineering Services include the following:

    Product Requirements Engineering

    We have a dedicated pool of product experts who help ISVs in writing product marketing/business requirements specifications (MRS, BRS, PRD), system requirements specifications and functional specifications (SRS, FS), business process modeling, rapid prototyping, and development of proof of concept.

    Product Architecture Consulting

    We help product organizations in constructing the technology foundations needed to build robust products. The major areas of consulting are Enterprise Application Integration, Distributed Computing, Transaction Management and Architectural Styles and Patterns.

    Product Design and Development

    Many of our ISV clients have been able to reduce their development costs, shorten timelines, and mitigate risk with the help of our reusable components, proven application designs, data models, coding guidelines, and design and code review checklists.

    Quality Assurance

    We have a dedicated CoE that caters to the unique QA needs of an ISV. Our QA services are delivered by a team of domain experts, business analysts, QA metric specialists, and specific-skill consultants, ensuring strict adherence to quality criteria even in an environment of rapidly changing requirements. We also provides documentation services delivered by experienced practitioners in the event that no prior formal documentation exists as is sometimes the case when time to market is the key to market leadership.