• Custom IPad / IPhone / Android Applications

    iPhone and Android applications department is young and dynamically expanding, and it is getting stronger in its positions every day. Our department is represented with 20 developers but counter is going on with new gifted specialists. There are young programmers who have just started working in our team as well as those who�ve been programming already for five years and more.

    Our department probably is one of the most stuffed with the greatest number of new technologies and frameworks. That’s why we’ve consolidated young and active people who have desire for self-improvement as programming in Objective C is not taught at schools and universities.

    Programming language for iPhone applications � ObjectiveC � differs significantly from other C based languages in its simplicity with certain restriction at the same time. The main difficulty in working with ObjC is that there is lack of good ready-made ObjC solutions. And on the other hand Apple�s policy is too strict towards using existing components developed by the third parties. That’s why so many things are created by our iPhone-team from scratch and the process is thoroughly documented for efficient usage in future projects. Thus we have made a whole collection of the developed and applied libraries and classes that is supported by the detailed description of the various technologies usage.

    Nowadays about several iPhone and Android applications developed by us are distributed through the AppStore and even a greater number has been developed for our customers. We are creating custom-made iPhone and Android applications with manifold functionality for business and entertaiment. Complexity of our projects is wide starting from the small ones up to those which functionality requires considerable development and testing.

    iPhone department knowledge base is being constantly supplied and the gained experience allows us to develop new applications in a fast and efficient way.

    We also have a strong team of Android developers. See our products page to see the list of Android products we developed and own.

    Forms on the Go

    As a complement to our jCentricity systems, we develop data gathering iPad apps that are customized to your business requirements. Whether you are an Insurance company with brokers in the field or a doctor's office with patients in the waiting room, our iPad apps make it easy to gather the data you need. The form filler will be immediately familiar with the application because we follow all iPad standards for interface design. You will delight your customers and streamline the process of converting prospects into customers with our custom iPad apps.