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    Forecastica IOS / Android AI/ML Stock Forecasting Application

    Forecastica the industries most advanced AI/ML powered stock forecasting application that provides 30 day AI/ML powered stock forecasts with BUY, SELL and HOLD Trading Signals.

    Go to www.forecastica.com to see more about our product.

    Forecastica AI/ML Powered Stock Forecasting APIs

    The Forecastica APIs are the most advanced AI/ML powered stock forecasting analysis APIs in the marketplace. Gain access to 30 day AI/ML powered stock price forecasts and 5 years of historical data.

    Our stock symbol database spans 92 of the most well known stock exchanges in the world spanning the United States, Europe and Asia. Each forecast day also includes a buy, hold and sell trading signal that is based on our proprietary AI/ML model.

    Simply put, our stock forecasts are driven the most advanced AI/ML model in the marketplace that will enable you to identify stock-purchasing trends. It then provides an objective recommendation on what action to take with any given stock.

    Our cutting edge AI/ML software will help you to hear the pulse of the stock market, and get recommendations for the best BUY/SELL/HOLD moments.

    Our AI/ML powered trading signals are based on mathematically predicted turning points (relative minimum or maximum value of stock quotes vs. time)

    Forecastica APIs also include 5 years of historical stock price data and advanced forecasting analysis indicators. Forecastica APIs include coverage for roughly 200,000 stock symbols (largest stock database on RapidAPI) that are spread across 92 of the most well known exchanges in the world spanning the United States (around 15,000 symbols in total for NYSE, NASDAQ), Europe and Asia see more on supported exchanges at Forecastica Supported Stock Exchanges.

    Go to Forecastica AI/ML Powered Stock Forecasting APIs to see more about our AI/ML powered stock forecasting APIs.

    MCF Symphony

    Use our MCF Sympony APIs software to integrate Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) across your eBay and Walmart Sales Channel. Improve logistics flexibility and get better control over how orders are fulfilled. Scale your business with our advanced MCF API and automatically fulfill orders using Amazon MCF. Our MCF API is one of the most advance MCF APIs in the market place and will download acknowledge your Walmart Seller Fulfilled orders and fulfill the orders with Amazon MCF. In addition, our API will also update your Walmart order with tracking information and submit a shipment request to Walmart to change the order status to shipped.

    We currently only support Amazon MCF Expedite Shipping (3 days Ground). As a result, you will need to ensure only expedite 3 day shipping is enabled in your shipping templates for your sales channels.

    In addition, Amazon MCF orders blank boxes option is enabled meaning shipments are sent without Amazon branding and in blank boxes to comply with eBay and Walmart packaging policies and Amazon Carrier Logistics is disabled meaning Amazon Carriers do not deliver the shipments. Instead, shipments are delivered via known carriers such as USPS, Fedex and UPS as required per eBay and Walmart.

    Immediately grow your business and revenue without added warehousing costs. Start selling in more places and fulfill your orders using Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment. Today's competition calls for scale.

    Use MCF Symphony APIs to fulfill UNLIMITED orders (no fee per order like ListingMirror or Sellbrite) across all your Walmart sales channel. Connect Walmart and immediately bolster your fulfillment options. Amazon MCF, aka multi-channel fulfillment is a top feature that helps sellers gain the upper-hand. Beat out the competition, experience cost savings, and improve shipping speeds. Get started today and experience all the benefits!

    Click here to access our advanced MCF Symphony APIs