• jCentricity is a worldwide provider of technology, outsourcing, retail, consulting services to Start-up, Emerging, and Established technology companies. We focus entirely on maximizing client returns through outsourcing and offshoring.

    In addition to strategic consulting, our own internal technology and operational processes have matured to a level where we are able to pass on the time, effort, and cost benefits to our clients.

    Our knowledge and experience in the IT outsourcing arena amply complements and strengthens our service range and permits us to function as an enterprise-class solution delivery organization. We have extensive experience in managing large IT applications in real time as well as in providing high value services around packaged enterprise applications.

    Our allegiance with our clients is to offer them solutions that transform into substantial business outcomes. With jCentricity HXP concept, we work together with our clients to help them proficiently deliver products to their end-users and ultimately, maximize their core business. Our solutions aim to provide high value by optimizing cost of ownership of technology investments for customers. Our �unique Hybrid Extreme Programming (jCentricity HXP) Concept generates high business value for customers and rich dividends to jCentricity in the form of a continual stream of repeat business.

    However, single advantage can�t lead you to the top of the modern IT market. We understand it and know what to offer you: we do emphasis our reliability as a partner. All our employees from the developer up to the president measure their work output with the client�s profit. The point of honor for the Company is the development of the product that would be really useful for the client but not just formal compliance with the contract.

    Our domain capability, expertise, and reduced learning curves enable significant compression in time-to-value deliverables. Our development centers help us to provide high value, high quality deliverables to our clients repeatedly. We have consistently delivered to client expectations and have established long lasting relationships with them. Today our clients rely on us to recommend solutions, which optimize technology infrastructure and reduce time to market. For our clients, this leads to business process improvement, greater operational efficiencies, better productivity, improved response time and increase in customer satisfaction and naturally, greater profitability. We have repeatedly delighted our clients around the world and across industry segments through our innovative Technology services, Outsourcing services, and Consulting services.